Triplex Lamp


In 2010 we proudly realeased our version of the Triplex Lamp. This is not just a lamp but a piece of Scandinavian industrial history and a story about two entrepreneurs. Let me tell you why.

Johan Petter Johansson was born in Sweden in 1853 as the oldest of six children. His family emigrated to America but JP stayed put as he had just gotten promoted at the mechanical workshop where he was employed.

In 1886 he started his own business which quickly became successful. During this time he invented one of the greatest Sweish inventions – the adjustable spanner and the plumber wrench. BA Hjorth distributed his tools worldwide under the trademark Bahco. Today more than 100 million wrenches has been manufactured by Bahco.

During his old age his sight deteriorated and he desided to make the best adjustable light. Lightning like this didn’t exisit at that time and the Triplex pendulums were the first sort of lamp that could be adjusted to the worker’s needs and became popular in workshops, hospitals and studios.

Almost 100 years later me and my husband were on the hunt for the perfect lightning to our 5th floor penthouse in an old brick buildning. We wanted something special, not the ordinary thing. We started hunting on flea markets and on Blocket. One day we went home to someone to pick up a vintage desk lamp that we wanted to buy. And this person had a Triplex lamp mounted high up on a wall, with its long telescoping arm reaching all the way to the sofa table. We had never seen anything like it and it was literally love at first sight.

He told us what he knew about it, refused to sell it and we knew we had to find one too. So our hunt begun and it took some time but we got our first one some months later. When connecting it to electricity the whole flat went dark. The design of the lamp was great, the best we had seen, the function and quality still unbeated 100 years after it was designed, and we loved the story of the man behind it, engineers as we are. The moment we connected the lamp and the short circuit was a fact – the seed to our business started to grow. Because an equally pretty lamp of this quality, but new and reliable, would be the perfect lamp.

We manufactured a number of lamps, put the business on hold when our kids were born, and just recently we put together the last ones from parts we had left. You can visit our webshop here to have a look.